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Petit Cadeau ministries

A Gift of the Stars

In June 1978, a couple wed in a hurry under circumstances that did not allow the bride to follow family tradition. Twenty-five years later, with hopes of fulfilling the bride's family traditions surrounding marriage, Petit Cadeau Ministries was born, also in a hurry. The bride's family traditions were still not met but wonderful memories were made from a small gift, or Petit Cadeau, from daughter to parents.

With countless weddings for family and friends under her belt, Reverend Jessica Winter opened her services to the public in 2016. Whether you are interested in an intimate affair or a grand celebration; a ceremony steeped in ritual or natural spirituality; a destination wedding or something closer to home, Rev Winter is happy to share her "Petit Cadeau" with you.

Offering custom Secular, Interfaith, Same-Sex, Cultural, Civil, & Elopement ceremonies to suit your beliefs. Rev Winter was ordained as a Universal Unitarian Minister in 2003.

Universal Ministries "is a nondenominational church founded in the truth of accepting the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs without our intervention." It is "a truly independent nondenominational church with nondenominational ordination that complies with the laws of all States."

Rev Winter's personal belief is that the gift of love should be shared by all and recognized by all.



Defined by the stars

Reverend Jessica Winter

Rev Jessica Winter is a Pisces born on the Day of Zest with an Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising and Leo Midheaven. She is a Red Tiger born in the year of Brown Sheep. The RevFrau has an Oc (Dog) personality with a Galactic Tone of 4. Her Trecana Sign is the Manik (Deer) and her Tree of Life Signs are Ik (Wind), Etznab (Knife), Cib (Owl), and Kan (Seed). She is a Wolf (Cherokee), a Geb (Egyptian), and has a Destiny number 1, a number 6 Soul Urge, and an Inner Dream number of 4 (Numerology).

When she is not helping couples plan their weddings, Rev Winter spends her time caring for her children, Herr Winter der Junge and Fraulein Winter. She and Herr Winter have been married since April 2000. In addition to being a wife and mother, Rev Winter is a runner, a lifelong student (mostly being self-taught), formally holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, and enjoys challenging herself in nature through backpacking and hiking. She is an advocate for the preservation of our planet and tries to maintain her wanderlust through the occasional foray to far off destinations. Her love of all things found in foreign cultures--from the people, to the language & music, to the food & customs--she is always cultivating ways to relate to all humanity.

Rev Winter is a seeker of the beauty found in every aspect of life, whether it be the people she encounters, the spaces she dwells in, the music she listens to, or the art she creates. She is a person of many memories and it is hard for her to forget a person she has met. The struggles she has endured are plenty. The desires she has are many. She lives for music, love, beauty, and humanity. She is the Bohemian Eclectic. The Artist Infinite. Rev Winter is here to guide you through the process of creating a wedding ceremony befitting only your ideals and aspires to give you the gift of memories cherished in your hearts for all your living days.


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following the stars


Ceremony Options



The first step to booking your wedding with Petit Cadeau Ministries is reserving your wedding date. Beyond that, all ceremony options include a complimentary consultation either in person, over the phone, or via video conference. Once Rev Winter understands the direction you would like for your ceremony, she composes a Wedding Ceremony Planning Website just for you. This site includes a sample ceremony that she creates based on your preferences that can be used as-is or further customized to reflect your love story perfectly, a link to additional resources to further customize your ceremony, a checklist to walk you through the process from ceremony creation to finalizing your ceremony to the rehearsal and your big day, and an electronic copy of a contract. Reverend Winter provides all couples with a keepsake Marriage Certificate and files all licenses as required by law. Contact Rev Winter for availability today!


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Want to know what it's like to hire Reverend Jessica Winter as your Wedding Officiant? Click on the images below to take the word of her past clients.

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Where art thou?

Petit Cadeau Ministries

Rev Winter provides officiating services to the Saint Louis region. Additional travel fees apply outside a 50-mile radius. 



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Schedule an Initial Consultation

Rev Jessica Winter understands that choosing someone to officiate your wedding ceremony is a big decision and in most cases requires meeting in-person to ensure a "good fit." For this reason, Rev Winter offers a complimentary Initial Consultation. Schedule your appointment with Rev Winter today!



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I think our atoms are from the same far away star. And so, I believe, that home for me will be right where you are.”
— C.C.
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